Shaylene and I went out for our date day on Monday. We had found a little fish and chips place. When we find a new place we put it in a list to go there when we are in the mood for that type of food. We like to find little mom and pop places. In this case the pop had passed away and the mom was running it all by herself. Her grandson helped out part time but after 4 and on weekends she was on her own.

The recipe was her husbands and before he died she promised him she would try and keep the place going. She was so down. She opened up to us and shared her hardships at his passing. Sometimes the Lord puts people in our path. The One Person on whom we are to focus for that moment. Perhaps they help us, perhaps we help them. Both, most likely.

She said she knew her husband was in a better place. I told her that was true, but it was also true she was in the same old pace. She smiled at that. She understood what I meant by it. We enjoyed the food, freshly battered and fried fish with good fries and homemade coleslaw. If you get a moment to swing by, I recommend you do.

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